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Can you name the animals with double meaning names?

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HintName of animal
A green fruit, or a small flightless bird
a type of drum and a type antelope
Stuff on the top of you head, or an animal like a rabbit
To pester someone repeatedly, or a black and white animal
Someone who uses underhanded tactics to win, or a very fast big cat
The back end of something, or a large flightless bird
A type of pasta, and a type of penguin
Part of a plant, or a bird with very long legs
A word sometimes used to refer to ancient Chinese emperors, or a kind of duck
An object that soars in the wind attatched to a string, or a bird of prey
HintName of animal
A large vehicle with a long arm for lifting heavy objects, and a lage bird
To stab something, or a brown sea bird
A feathery scarf, or an exotic type of snake
Mermaid like figure, or river dwelling creature
Shoes with wheels or a fish like a ray
A fisherman, or a type of fish that lies on the seabed
A specific somewhere, or a type of flat fish
Things in your body that allow you to move, and a shell fish
The best band ever, or a type of insect
Two of the things you see with, or a funny looking type of lemur

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