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Scientist who attempted to restore the Krenim Imperium to power.A
Captain of the timeship Aeon.B
Voyagers first officer.C
Shuttlecraft designed and built aboard Voyager.D
Two parter where Voyager encounters another Federation ship.E
Feature length episode where Hirogen holodeck experiments go wrong.F
Type of catapult that took three years off of Voyager's journey home.G
How Tom Paris wanted his tomato soup.H
The class of Federation starship to which the USS Voyager belongs.I
Lead scientist of the team that created the metreon cascade.J
She was primarily a nurse during her four years aboard Voyager.K
Unit of measurement that Voyager was 70,000 of from home.L
Species who dump radioactive waste in open space.M
Species of the Caretaker.N
Highly classified Starfleet general order, ____ Directive.O
Reginald Barclay's project to contact Voyager (AKA Project Voyager).P
Faster than warp technology used in 'Hope and Fear' & 'Timeless'.Q
Vessel used by the Hansen's to study the Borg.R
Cardassian surgically altered to appear Bajoran and infiltrate the Maquis.S
Half-Klingon Chief Engineer.T
Shipyard where Voyager was constructed.U
The name of the Maquis raider destroyed in the pilot.V
Episode where Tuvok's holographic training exercise takes a nasty turn.W
The Devore have a fear of anything alien. This condition is known as _____.X
New class of shuttle Harry Kim was working on in Non Sequitur.Y
Erasing this species caused a 98% restoration of the Krenim Imperium.Z

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