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Tarik Ergin made over 100 appearances as this security officer.A
Two parter where the crew were left stranded on a planet.B
Pilot episode of Voyager.C
More familiar name for the Emergency Medical Hologram.D
Final episode of Voyager.E
Two parter set in the 20th century.F
Episode where Kes flings the ship safely beyond Borg space.G
Nomadic species of hunters.H
Former Borg drone who applied to Starfleet Academy.I
Coffee drinking captain.J
Hostile warrior species from the early seasons.K
Malleable root vegetable, not popular with the crew.L
The non-Starfleet crew members came from which terrorist group.M
Guide, cook and morale-officer.N
Kes is a member of this species.O
Pilot and 20th century buff.P
Name given to the Q who committed suicide.Q
Species who Voyager contacted through a time wormhole.R
Annika Hansen is nowadays better known as.S
Vulcan security officer.T
Two parter named after a shared Borg dream state.U
Species who harvested organs to combat the phage.V
She gave birth to the first baby on voyager.W
A member of Voyager's crew once met a ____ based lifeform.X
Two parter that happened almost entirely in an alternate reality.Y
Earth penal colony in New ______, that featured in the pilot episode.Z

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