Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Siamese Geography II

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Can you name the words from these Siamese ladders (Volume II)?

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Solve the neighboring rungs by entering the answers to both clues simultaneously. Example: "Pinnacle / Worn on the head" = TOP HAT. The two ladders are independent with the exception of the theme rungs, which are linked.
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Hint(s)3 Letter Ladder3 Letter Ladder
Capital city of Germany (6 letter word)
◄ Place for sleeping / ► Place for trash
◄ Certainly not good / ► Compete for an auction lot
Capital city of Spain (6 letter word)
◄ Prefix for night or day / ► Fishing stick
◄ Concealed from view / ► Clump of grass
◄ Part of HRH when it's a prince / ► Father's boy
Capital city of Portugal (6 letter word)
◄ __ Angeles, California / ► Archer's weapon
Capital city of Russia (6 letter word)
◄ SAT, SUN, __, TUE... / ► Trick, swindle
Capital city of United Kingdom (6 letter word)
◄ Small PC link-up (abbr) / ► Loud Noise
◄ Place for experiments / ► __ Hard - Bruce Willis film series
◄ Apply lightly / ► Conceal the truth
Capital city of Republic of Ireland (6 letter word)

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