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Can you name the words that overlap the next word by 2 letters?

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5 Letter
Take without permission. 
First Greek letter. 
Severe. Unfair. 
Circle, Triangle, Square etc. 
Fruit with a stone. 
Deep gorge. 
Break violently. 
Remove stubble. 
The edge, brink. 
Nerdy, uncool. 
Former Japanese capital. 
Grilled bread. Salute with drinks. 
7 Letter
Height. Prominence. 
Clone. Copy. 
Orange vegetables. 
Giant tidal wave. 
Error, blunder. 
Red sauce for burgers & fries. 
Progress. Switch to first class. 
Emotionless, straight-faced humor. 
Whenever. Day or night. 
Keepsake to remember me by. 
Cigarette leaves. 
Burst into flame. 
6 Letter
Flashing disco light. 
Chaos. London mental house. 
Single-celled life. 
Romantic song. 
Offer suggestions. 
Lock up. Make safe. 
Cooking guide. 
Allow. Sanction. 
Leaning font. 
Polar cover. 
Become visible. 
Painter. Sculptor. 
8 Letter
Pointed sea-life. 
Large Chinese city. 
Shell of a Concorde or Jumbo Jet. 
______-Benz, car manufacturer. 
Strong coffee drink. 
Social isolation. Seclusion. 
Able to choose with no hesitation. 
Bitter feud. Grudge. 
Steep spiral aircraft descent. 
Make greater in number. 
Tranquil, state of calm. 
Give the same basic role to repeatedly. 

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