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The defense of this planet cost Nog his leg.A
Ferengi waiter at Quark's Bar.B
Informal name for the Alliance for Global Unity.C
Episode which introduced Aamin Marritza.D
Former security officer, member of the Maquis.E
O'Brien's eyepatched character in Doctor Bashir, Secret Agent.F
One of two Danube-class shuttlecraft.G
Arms dealer, briefly worked with Quark.H
First star system after travelling through the Bajoran wormhole.I
Engineered soldiers of the Dominion.J
Julian Bashir's teddy bear.K
Episode set in Roswell.L
Bajoran Scientist assigned to study Odo.M
Odo performed this cardassian legal role for O'Brien in Tribunal.N
A Danube-class shuttlecraft.O
Two Part Episode featuring the Bell Riots.P
Episode title and Dominion engineered disease.Q
One of two Danube-class shuttlecraft.R
Former name of the newly renamed Defiant.S
Former head of the Obsidian Order.T
A mistranslation of Odo'ital.U
Engineered administrators of the Dominion.V
Final episode of the series.W
____ free traders often worked as intermediaries for the Cardassians.X
Character played by Iggy Pop in The Magnificent Ferengi.Y
Ceremony in which a Trill meets with the previous hosts.Z

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