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The wormhole links the ____ Quadrant to the Gamma Quadrant.A
Genetically enhanced doctor.B
Race who occupied Bajor.C
Prefect during the occupation.D
Trill counsellor (first name).E
Shapeshifting creators of the Dominion.F
A plain and simple tailor.G
'Vulcan Love Slave' could be played here.H
Ferengi female who encourages a revolution.I
Deceased Trill science officer (first name).J
Bajoran liaison to DS9.K
Bajoran dabo girl who marries a Ferengi.L
Lurian barfly who talks a lot, apparently.M
First Ferengi in Starfleet.N
Shapeshifting security chief of DS9.O
Bajoran name for the wormhole aliens.P
Ferengi bar owner.Q
Ferengi behind the self-replicating mine idea.R
Emissary of the prophets.S
Designation of DS9 during the occupation.T
Worf's sash is additional to standard starfleet _____.U
Defiant-class starship, crewed by Red Squad.V
Vorta who died several times during the war.W
Formal title held by the second-in-command (abbr).X
Former freighter captain, her ship was the 'Xhosa'.Y
Retired Grand Nagus.Z

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