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time, place or mindset in which we consume media products.
the type or category of a media text, according to its form, style and content.
Sound whose source is visible on the screen
ideas about how people use the media and what gratification they get from it. It assumes that members of the audience are not passive but take an active role in interpreting and in
the widely recognised way of doing things in particular genre.
a visual representation of something.
A set of ideas or beliefs which are held to be acceptable by the creators of the media text, maybe in line with those of the dominant ruling social groups in society, or alternativ
literally ‘what’s in the shot’ everything that appears on the screen in a single frame and how this helps the audience to decode what’s going on.
special effects or devices to create visual illusions.
representation of people or groups of people by a few characteristics eg hoodies, blondes
Looking Sraight at the camera
Sound effects, music or narration which is added afterwards
the everyday or common sense meaning of a sign.
The way in which technologies and institutions come together in order to create something new. Cinema is the result of the convergence of photography, moving pictures (the kinetosc
A question in a text that is not immediately answered and creates interest for the audience – a puzzle that the audience has to solve.
putting together of visual images to form a sequence.
the secondary meaning that a sign carries in addition to it’s everyday meaning.
the idea that within popular culture producers borrow other texts to create interest to the audience who like to share the ‘in’ joke. Used a lot in the Simpsons.
Factual characteristics of a population sample, e.g. age, gender, race, nationality, income, disability, education

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