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The Constitution has 27 of these
The Presidents rejection of an act
The first 10 amendments
There are ___ basic principles of the Constitution
Majority of 'yes' votes to override a veto
Constitutional restraints on each branch of the govt
Number of 'yes' votes to ratify an amendment
Majority of 'yes' votes to ratify an amendment
Father of the Constitution
The introduction to the Constitution
Group that demanded a Bill of Rights
The Constitution has 7 of these
1st Amendment (freedom of)
2nd Amendment (right to)
3rd Amendment (no)
4th Amendment (no unreasonable)
5th Amendment
6th Amendment (the right to)
8th Amendment
9th Amendment
10th Amendment (rights reserved to)
12th Amendment
13th Amendment (outlawed)
14th Amendment (made former slaves)
15th Amendment (gave former slaves the right to)
16th Amendment
17th Amendment (directly elect)
18th Amendment
19th Amendment (gave __ the right to vote)
21th Amendment (____ the 18th)
24th Amendment (outlawed a ___ to vote)
26th Amendment (lowerd the voting age to __)
Article I
Article II
Article III
Article IV
Article V
Article VI (___ Law of the Land)
Article VI

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