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Can you name the events starting with 'M' in history?

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Egyptian president who succeeded Anwar el-Sadatin in 1981
The prophet on whose life and teachings the Islamic religion is based
An agreement approved in 1938 dealing with Germany's demand for certain territory in then-Czechoslovakia
A great English statesman who was beheaded when he refused to accept the King as the head of the English Church
A principal leader and teacher of the Israelites who set the Ten Commandments as their law
A country in Southeast Africa formerly governed by Portugal
A plan of the US Congress to settle the slavery debate for the area of the Louisiana Purchase
The biggest land empire in history, whose land extended from the Yellow Sea to the borders of Eastern Europe
An Aztec emperor who ruled from 1502-1520
One of the most famous artists in history, who gave us the David and the Sistine Chapel
Volunteer soldiers who fought against Great Britain for American Independence
A long lasting space station whose name means 'peace'
A term used to describe the belief that the United States would inevitably expand to rule North America
An Italian patriot who was a major force in uniting Italy in 1861
An economic system in the 1500s-1700s followed by several European nations in which the government strictly regulated the economic affairs to profit its own treasury
A leading American general of World War Two and the Korean War
An American battleship that was sunk, spurring the Spanish American War
The smallest independent country in Asia that was once governed by the United Kingdom
A Roman general and statesman who served as one of two consuls of Rome between 107 and 86 BC
A temporary emergency form of government conducted under rule by the military

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