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Andy likes to list varieties of fish, seemingly endlessly, and is interested in travelling long distances underwater.
Bob is interested in World War II, time travel and extraterrestrial intelligence.
Cathy is interested in romance, gothic imagery, and hearing people scream her name out of windows.
Dennis wonders what it would have been like if the Germans had won World War II, and the population of Africa had been wiped out.
Ethel is interested in gory, Ancient Greek battle scenes, and a very angry son of Thetis.
Francis likes books about the great American road trip, particularly ones by crazy beatnics.
Gregory is interested in all powerful dictatorships, especially those that police thoughts.
Henrietta is curious about scientists whose creations turn on them when they attempt to play God.
Ian is a fan of the Odyssey, but wishes it was set in Ireland.
Josephine is interested in medieval pilgrims, and the stories they tell on the way.
Keith is interested in desert island castaways, especially if they have cannibalistic man servants.
Lavinia is interested in journeys up the Congo River in search of legendary ivory collectors.
Mildred likes medieval Italians who journey into Hell, Purgatory and Heaven.
Nathaniel is interested in Scottish heroin addicts and their friends.
Oscar is curious about unconventional searches for the American dream, especially is they involve copious amounts of drugs in a desert city.
Peter is curious about people who derive thrills from car accidents.

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