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QUIZ: Can you name the animals which were used, or considered, by militaries?

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The most commonly ridden animal in warfare; also used to pull chariots and for hauling.
Used presently by the US, chiefly for underwater mine clearance and object recovery.
Romans catapulted this 'angry' insect into towns; one type is used today to detect scents of bomb ingredients.
Used mostly for hauling, but at times for riding.
Use of this domestic bird was briefly attempted by the US military in Iraq as early-warning alerts in the event of a chemical or biological attack.
Used to scare horses, attack people, pull sleds, and more recently as anti-tank bomb carriers.
Used by many armies since ~1,100 BC in Asia for siege and mounts.
According to Pliny the Elder, the squeals made by this animal would frighten much larger beasts employed by enemies.
Considered for use by the US military to fly in the dark, settling in buildings with small incendiary bombs attached, in WWII.
Its size and greater pulling power was used to haul weapons in bad terrain.
This animal was clothed with straw, dipped in oil and set on fire, then set loose into the enemy's camp during the Song Dynasty in China.
Used by various Air Forces to clear the sky of smaller birds before take off.
'Wojtek' of the Polish II Corp, who helped transport ammunition, was this type of large animal.
This insect, in larvae form, when collected en masse within glass jars, was used by British soldiers to read maps in dark trenches in WWI.
Type of bird most often used as message carrier; the US used them in WWII to guide bombs.
Used to sniff out mines on land -- its small size would preclude setting them off in the process.
Used as mounts, especially in desert regions.
Used to control vermin on ships.
This large bird 'parachuted' down with its wings when dropped from planes, delivering supplies during the Spanish Civil War.
During WWII, this tiny insect was infected with plague and dropped by planes in field tests over China; plans existed to contaminate San Diego, California as well.

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