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DescriptionSkylanderSkylander Type/Element
Extralarge GrubSeries 1 and 2/Magic
An Ancient Arkeyan Drilling MachineSeries 1 and 2/Tech
Last of the Ooga WarriorsSeries 1/Magic
A Cross Between a Cat and a BirdNew/Air
Mutant Tree With Big PunchesGiant/Life
Water Dragon That Breathes LightningSeries 1 and 2/Water
Rhino That Freaking Rides a MotorcycleNew/Fire
Orphan Mermasquid and ExplorerSWAP Force/Water
Gillman Who Joined the MarinesSeries 1 and 2, Anchors Away/Water
Dinosaur With a Pair of BoomerangsSeries 1/Earth
Sword-Wielding Inferno KnightSeries 1 and 2/Fire
Shark That Can Box and Swim UndergroundSeries 1 and 2, Knockout/Earth
His Battle Cry Is Right: 'Clobber and Slobber!'New/Earth
Griffin That Hatches Strong BabiesSeries 1 and 2/Air
A Walking, Talking BeehiveNew, Lightcore/Life
A Combat Duo With a Skeleton OstrichSeries 1/Undead
Bambazooka That's Crazy About RocketsSeries 1 and 2/Life
Daring Sky Baron With a Vacuum!Series 1, Turbo, Lightcore/Air
A Stone Carving Come To LifeSWAP Force/Earth
Can Ice Skate On Any SurfaceSWAP Force/Water
Furnace Knight That Ate 100 BombsSWAP Force/Fire
A Crystal Golem That Wants To Be AloneSeries 1 and 2, Hyper Bream, Lightcore/Earth
Jumps All Over The Place With FirecrackersSWAP Force/Fire
Originally An Arkeyan WarriorSeries 1 and 2, Twin Blade/Undead
Killer Whale With a Mean BellyflopGiant/Water
A Phantom That Enjoys ReapingNew, Lightcore/Undead
Dragon With a, Well, Powerful PowersuitSeries 1 and 2, Lightcore/Tech
DescriptionSkylanderSkylander Type/Element
Snake That Summons, Er, SnakesSWAP Force/Undead
Turtle With a Very Spiky ShellSeries 1, Lightcore/Air
Kaos Accidentally Summoned HerNew, Lightcore/Magic
Athletic Storm 'Giant'Series 1 and 2/Air
A Magnetic Ultron RobotSWAP Force/Tech
Crustacean King and Every Troll's Bad DreamSeries 1, Lightcore/Water
Scorpion Guy Who Loves the EarthNew/Earth
Mushroom Who Can Slinghshot HimselfSeries 1, Lightcore/Life
Likes To Dig Into Rocks... and Eat ThemSWAP Force/Earth
Fiery ArcherSeries 1 and 2/Fire
Skunk Who Knows Martial ArtsSWAP Force/Life
Was Kidnapped By MaleforSeries 1 and 2, Phantom/Undead
Warrior BeetleNew/Magic
Giant Bee With a Giant StingerGiant/Air
Bash Has a Crush On This Lethal Gem DragonSeries 1, Lightcore/Earth
Flies Around In a TornadoSWAP Force/Air
Tree That Uses His Hands As HammersSeries 1 and 2/Life
Teleporing Pheonix-DragonSeries 1/Fire
Lava Monster That Is Prone To BurpingSeries 1 and 2, Lava Barf, Lightcore/Fire
Headstrong Purple Dragon
Proceeds To Bury Eon's StaffSeries 1, Fire Bone/Fire
Ice Yeti Who Was Attacked By KaosSeries 1 and 2/Water
A Deathly Pale WitchSeries 1 and 2, Lightcore/Undead
Protects Everything Natural... and Rides Wild Boar!New/Life
Monkey With Legs That Become a DrillSWAP Force/Life
Former Roboto Ball Player and Security GaurdGiant/Tech
Golem Whose Hammer Is Named After HimselfGiant/Earth
DescriptionSkylanderSkylander Type/Element
Clever Cat-Like HunterSWAP Force/Magic
Wild Potion MakerSeries 1, Super Gulp, Lightcore/Magic
Can Puff Or Poke the Enemies With Spiny SpikesNew/Air
Anti-Evil Troll That Likes Blowing Up SheepSeries 1/Tech
Rock Dragon That Can't FlySeries 1 and 2/Earth
More Than Just a ToyNew/Tech
A Vampire With Roller SkatesNew/Undead
Has a Huge Eye Substituting For a HeadGiant/Undead
Was Born During An EclipseNew, Lightcore/Fire
Once Was Officially Protector and Warrior of the Snow QueenSeries 1, Blizzard, Lightcore/Water
Ninja Elf That Woke Up With No MemorySeries 1 and 2, Ninja/ Life
Likes Listening To Super-Charged MusicNew/Water
Rises Off the Ground For SafetySWAP Force/Tech
Magician and Teleporting OwlSWAP Force/Magic
Can Throw Tantrums Involving Oil and FireGiant/Fire
Undead Imp and Part-Time ChefSeries 1/Undead
Goldling That Loves MachinerySeries 1, Heavy Duty/Tech
Female Genie Wth Sharp BladesGiant/Magic
Knocked Out a Whole Legion of Squidface BrutesNew/Water
Bomb That Loses Some Memory With Every ExplosionNew, Lightcore/Tech
Never Leaves His Flying RocketSAWP Force/Air
Magic-Obsessed Tiki ManSeries1 and 2/Magic
Deadly and Dead BoxerSWAP Force/Undead
Plant-Like Dragon Who Likes WatermelonsSeries 1, Thorn Horn/Life
Gremlin That Loves GoldSeries 1 and 2, Big Bang/Tech
Unicorn That Shoots RainbowsSeries 1 and 2, Horn Blast/Air

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