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Defendant a sexual psychopath who strangled a young woman and mutilated her body. Convicted of murder. Acquitted as CoA held that condition came within def of D.R.
D who was suffering from depression killed wife. Defence of D.R only available if 'partially insane'. Court quashed Murder conv and subbed manslaughter
Battered Wife Syndrome recognised
Definition of Ab of Mind (Act)
Substantial 'doesn't mean total'
Immediate effects of taking drugs or alcohol not an injury even if it did have an effect on the brain. So a 'transient' state of intox was not an ab of mind.
Jury has to decide whether the combination of the factors excluding the intox amounted to the substantial impairment of the D's responsibility
Hol said this was the wrong approach and was not what was decided in the above case.
Where D is unable to resist drinking, so that it is involuntary, this may amount to D.R. Does not consider whether alcoholism is a disease.
Same point considered. D had gone to V's flat. D claimed had awoken to V performing oral sex on him. D hit repeatedly with meat cleaver and killed him. Judge directed jury that if

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