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QUIZ: Can you name the the given numbers??

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Forced Order
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H1ntNumb3rsStuff may appear
Pi to 2 d.p.
e to 2 d.p.
The square root of negative one
A googol (get typing)
A centillion (and again)
Trois + Vier + Cinco
Atomic number of Au
Sin (30) multiplied by the number of stars on China's flag
The meaning of life, the universe and everything
Differential of 8x
Icosahedron faces
Dimensions of hyperspace according to M-theory
H1ntNumb3rsStuff may appear
Everyday number of spatial dimensions
Root 2 to 2 d.p.
Population of Canada (2 s.f. in millions)
Size of observable universe (2 s.f. in billions of ly)Coincedence much?
Mean distance from Earth to Sun (2 s.f. in million km)Coincedence much?
Second number to be perfect square and cube
-chan, Image board and 'cesspool of the internet' - R. HamProblem, anon?
Vegeta: It's over...And so are UK tuition fees
Year 32-bit clocks will reset
Tidus's story multiplied by the sum of Cloud's, Squall's and Zidane's (in Roman numerals of course)
Largest postive root of x^2 - 7x + 6 = 0

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