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Died saying 'Sweet Simplicity'
Controversially elected Italian Pope
Father of modern Humanism
'Man is Divine'
Did not believe in music in church services
Total Depravity
Justification by Faith Alone
'I think therefore I am'
Ruled both HRE & Spain
State of Nature--Life, Health, Liberty, & Possession
Book of Common Prayer
Act of Supremacy
Golden Age of British Monarch
First to Circumnavigate
Lord Protectorate
Sun King
Brought in Glorious Revolution to Britain
The Social Contract
Three Laws of Planetary Motion
French Enlightenment Writer--Oedipus
Tychonic System
A Modest Proposal--eat the children
Proposed Heliocentric model of Universe
Calculus, Gravity, Laws of Motion
Had a lot of skirts
Westernization of Russia
Emperor of the Grand Empire
Beheaded in French Revolution
British Naval General; Battle of Trafalgar
When in doubt, guess Klaus' infatuation
Arrives 15 minutes late after printing a paper

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