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Can you name the following aspects of act V, sene ii of Hamlet?

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Forced Order
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Who kills Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? 
Who kills Gertrude? 
Who kills Claudius? 
Who kills Laertes? 
Who kills Hamlet? 
What kills Gertrude and Claudius? 
What kills Laertes and Hamlet? 
Hamlet, Laertes, and Fortinbras seek this 
This strikes down six characters in this scene 
Laertes commits this and dies by it during the duel 
This occurs with death (no sound/lack of talking) 
'I am kill'd justly with mine own treachery.' 
'The rest is silence.' 
'A hit, a very palpable hit.' 
'Gertrude, do not drink.' 
'I am more an antique Roman than a Dane' 
Prince of Norway and eventual king of Denmark 
King of Denmark who Hamlet kills 
Queen of Denmark who dies by accident 
Son of Polonius who duels Hamlet 
Gets the most 'kills' 
Dumb Danish soldier 
Only 'good' character; only imporant Dane who survives 
Stupid friends who Hamlet has executed 
Plot (order 1-6 from first to last)
Hamlet and Laertes begin their duel 
Gertrude drinks from the poisoned wine 
Fortinbras is declared king of England 
Horatio learns that Hamlet had his friends killed 
Claudius dies 
Osric seeks Hamlet 

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