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Can you name the True Blood character by quote.?

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How can that be racist? I just slept with you!
So, collecting stray black people. That some kind of hobby of hers?
There's vampire in your cleavage.
Your hair is like a sunset after a bomb went off, pretty.
Aw come on Pam there funny, there like humans but miniature.' Tea cup humans!
I’ve always liked these. They’re like booze for dolls.
Vampires are always in some kind of trouble. I prefer to be in it with you.
Come on. I'll show my weiner on your website.
In this restaurant a hamburger deluxe come with french fries, lettace, tomato, mayo, and AIDS!
I live on human blood, and I'm not gonna stop.
You should try the chicken fried steak. It's like a chicken and a steak got together and made a baby. A delicious, crispy baby.
You can read minds and shoot light out of your fingers. Who am I to tell you what's best for you?

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