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Can you name the wrestlers to win a major title in the US and Japan

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Highest Titles WonHint
WWE Title, WWE Tag, WWE Intercontinental, WWE US, IWGP Jr Tag, GHC JrRetired Early
NWA TV, WCW Tag, IWGP Title, All Japan Triple CrownPossibly the most famous Japanese wrestler in US history
WCW Tag, NWA Tag, WWF Tag, IWGP Tag, WCW US, NWA TVDog Faced
WCW Tag, NWA Tag, All Japan Triple Crown, All Japan TagOklahoma
WCW Tag, GHC Tag, ECW TV450 Splash
WCW Cruiserweight, IWGP Jr Heavyweight1st WCW Cruiserweight Champ
IWGP Title, WCW Title, WCW US, All Japan Triple CrownWhite Castle of Fear
WWF Intercontinental, WWF European, GHC TagYou looking at the real deal now
NXT Title, IWGP Title, IWGP IntercontinentalStrong style
NXT Title, GHC TagStar of TNA, ROH, and now WWE
WCW World, WWF Tag, WCW Tag, WCW US, IWGP TagBooty Daddy
WWF Tag, GHC TagB2
WCW Tag, All Japan TagAdam, bomb?
WWF Intercontinental, WWF Tag, IWGP Jr HeavyweightBlack heart, sole survivor
WCW US, IWGP Title, All Japan Triple Crown, GHC TitleBetter replacement than Heidenreich
ECW T.V. & GHC Jr. TagInsane Luchador
WWE Tag, ECW Tag, IWGP Tag Testify!!
IWGP Never 6 Man, IWGP Jr Tag, WWE TagTag Gold with Kofi Kingston
NWA Tag, IWGP Tag, WWF TagWhat a Rush!!!
ECW Heavyweight, IWGP Tag, ECW TVFlame headed
ECW Heavyweight, IWGP Jr HeavyweightECW & hardcore legend
Highest Titles WonHint
IWGP Title, NWA World HeavyweightThe Dragon, WWE Hall of Famer
WWE Raw Tag, IWGP Tag The Club
WWF Tag, Brawl for All, All Japan TagSmoking!
WCW Light Heavyweight, IWGP Jr HeavyweightArguably the greatest junior of all time
ECW Tag, All Japan Jr. HeavyweightBest known with Furnas
WWF Tag, WCW Tag,All Japan TagCrush!
WWE Intercontinental, IWGP TagNXT Trainer
WWE Tag, IWGP TagSon of a legend
WWE Title, WWE Universal, IWGP TitleThe Beast
WWE Universal, NXT Champion, IWGP Jr HeavyweightToo Sweet!!!
WWE US and IWGP IntercontinentalBallin!!
WCW Cruiserweight, WCW Tag, IWGP Jr HeavyweightThe Juice
WWE Title, IWGP TitleSoccer Mom?!?
WWE World, WCW World, IWGP Jr HeavyweightDisgraced legend
NWA US & All Japan Triple CrownThe Man, Cowbell
WCW Tag, All Japan Triple CrownBamm Bamm
ECW Tag, WWE Tag, IWGP TagGet the tables!
WWF Lightweight, IWGP Jr Tag1st WWF Lightweight Champ
WWE Raw Tag, IWGP TagThe Club
WCW Cruiserweight, IWGP Jr HeavyweightSuper J Crown
WWF Tag, All Japan Tag, Million Dollar TitleMoney, money, money

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