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Can you name the Movies That Rick Baker Did Makeup On?

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Movie DescriptionMovieYear
May The Force Be With You1977
A Colony Of Werewolves1981
An American In A Foreign Country Gets Bitten By A Werewolf1981
An Extended Michael Jackson Music Video1983
A Family Raises A Sasquatch After Hitting It With Their Car1987
A T.V. Show About A Young Man Who Searches For The Werewolf Who Bit Him1987
An African Prince Comes To America To Find A Wife1988
Naturalist Diane Fossey and Gorillas1988
A Sequel That Follows The Mogwai Named Gizmo1990
Jack Nicholson Is Bitten By A Werewolf1994
Movie DescriptionMovieYear
The Caped Crusader Battles Two-Face and Riddler1995
An Eddie Murphy Remake Of A Jerry Lewis Comedy1996
Movie About A Super Secret Agency Dealing With Aliens1997
Two Men Are Wrongly Accused Of Murder And Spend Decades In Prison1999
A Holiday Movie Based On The Book Of Dr. Suess2000
A Man Lands On A Planet Inhabited By Intelligent Apes2001
It Doesn't End Good For Anyone Who Watches A Certain Video Tape and Receives A Phone Call2002
A Demon Has A Stone Hand And Gets His Horns Filed Down. Fights Evil2004
Mankind Vs. Mutantkind In A War Over A Cure For Mutantcy2006
A Morbidly Obese Woman Controls A Nerd's Life And Tries To Keep Him From Being With His Childhood Sweetheart2007

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