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LyricsSongOriginal Album
Oh I Don't Know Where I'm Going, I Just Want To Be Left Alone
Oh Lord How I Feel So Lonely, I Said Woman Won't You Come Back Home
Boy Don't You Worry, You'll Find Yourself, Follow Your Heart And Nothing Else
So Big Jim Commence To Fighting, I Wouldn't Tell You No Lie
There's Too Many Places I've Got To See, If I Stay Here With You Girl
I'm Leaving This Game One Step Ahead Of You, And You Will Not Hear Me Cry Cause I Do Not Sing The Blues
Say I May Be Crazy, But I Ain't No Fool, You're Daddy Is Rich Mama You're Overdue
Well What's Your Favorite Color And Do You Dig The Brothers Is Driving Me Up A Wall
Well The Bigger The City, The Brighter The Lights, The Bigger The Dog, Well The Harder The Bite
That's What I Am, Lord I Move So Fast, I Have Had So Many Women, None Of Them Have Last
LyricsSongOriginal Album
Can I Get You A Taxi Home, It Sure Was Grand, When I Came Back Here Next Year, I Wanna See You Again
Well It Seems To Me Lord That This Ol' Boy Don't Fit, Well I Jump In A Rosebush, Come Out Smelling Like
I'm Coming Home To See Jesus, Well It Feels So Close This Time, Please Take Mercy On A Soldier From The Florida-Georgia Line
But Then Again Lord, I've Seen Alot Of Fools, I Hope You People Lord Can Hear What I Say, You'll Have Your Chance To Hit It Someday
He Looked To Be Sixty, Maybe I Was Ten, Mama Used To Whoop Me But I'd Go See Him Again
Wait A Minute Mister I Didn't Even Kiss Her, Don't Want No Trouble With You
And If You Want To Love Me Baby, Oh I'm Your Man, And All Those High-Falutin' Society People I Don't Care If They Don't Understand
One Little Problem That Confronts You, Got A Monkey On Your Back, Just One More Fix Lord Might Do The Trick
There Ain't No Change In The Weather, Ain't No Changes In Me, I Ain't Hiding From Nobody, Nobody's Hidin' From Me
Did You Ever See The Beauty Of The Hills Of Carolina Or The Sweetness Of The Grass In Tennessee

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