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QUIZ: Can you name the Actors playing Famous People?

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Famous PartActorFamous Part
Mickey Mantle (Baseball Player)Frank Castle (Comic Character)
Billy The Kid (Wild West Outlaw)Abraham Whistler (Comic Character)
Wyatt Earp (Wild West Lawman)Elvis Presley (Famous Singer/Actor)
Rubin Carter (Boxer)Malcolm X (Muslim Minister/Civil Rights Activist)
Max Payne (Video Game Character)Vince Papale (Football Player)
John Dillinger (Outlaw)Ed Wood (Movie Director)
Andy Kaufman (Comedian)Scrooge (Literary Character-Charles Dickens Novel)
Charlie Chaplin (Actor/Director)Tony Stark (Comic Character)
Dale Earnhardt (Nascar Driver)Roger Maris (Baseball Player)
Jim Morrison (Singer)Doc Holliday (Wild West Lawman)
Brandon Teena (Transgendered Murder Victim)Amelia Earhart (Pilot)
Muhammad Ali (Boxer)James 'Jim' West (T.V. Character)
Sinbad (Fictional Sailor)Achilles (Literary Character-Homer's Iliad)
Ritchie Valens (Singer)Jose Chavez Y Chavez (Wild West Outlaw)
Famous PartActorFamous Part
Jesse James (Wild West Outlaw)Alexander The Great (Greek King)
Dracula (Literary Character-Bram Stoker NovelJames Gordon (Comic Character)
Howard Hughes (Director/Producer/Industrialist/Etc.)Romeo (Literary Character-Shakespeare)
Pancho Villa (Mexican General)Zorro (Literary/Movie/T.V. Character)
Melvin Purvis (Lawman/FBI Agent)Bruce Wayne (Comic Character)
Johnny Cash (Country Music Singer)Commodus (Roman Emperor)
Pablo Picasso (Artist)Abraham Van Helsing(Literary Character-Bram Stoker Novel)
Jimmy Morris (Baseball Player)Jerry Lee Lewis (Singer)
Catwoman (Comic Character)Dorothy Dandridge (Actress/Singer)
Wolverine (Comic Character)Van Helsing (Literary Character-Bram Stoker Novel)*
Bonnie Parker (Outlaw)Joan Crawford (Actress)
Loretta Lynn (Country Music Singer)Carrie White (Literary Character-Stephen King Novel)
Eliot Ness (Lawman/Leader of the Untouchables)Wyatt Earp (Wild West Lawman)
'Unsinkable' Molly Brown (Socialite/Titanic Survivor)Dolores Claiborne (Literary Character-Stephen King Novel)

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