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Can you name the Babelfish Song Titles (1990-2000)?

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Babelfish TranslationSong TitleLanguage
Renounced Games of Game (With My Heart)Italian
That the LoveRussian
The Final TimeRussian
This is the Method We ItKorean
Human! I Feel Likely the Woman!Chinese Traditional
Can You the Love This Evening BelieveGerman
Hardly a GirlSpanish
Entire StarRussian
- The Song of Pullover DemolishesFrench
Babelfish TranslationSong TitleLanguage
Baby OnceKorean
Acquire the Taste to Your LifeJapanese
Good Gets Rid Of (Your Life Time)Chinese Simplified
The Demon Which is by the BottleKorean
Truily Insane Person DeeplyPortuguese
The Head Above the FeetRussian
I (Make Important)Japanese
Shakes My HandChinese Traditional
Badly BreathingPortuguese
Better I Had Always (Grey Morning of Sky)Greek

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