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poor vision at night or in faint light
inflammation of the iris
the use of air pressure in the ear canal to test for disorders of the middle ear
method used for detecting glaucoma
eye disease in which the lens becomes covered in an opaque film that affects sight, eventually causing total blindness
used to reattach the detached area in a retinal detachment
group of diseases of the eye characterized by increased intraocular pressure that results in damage to the optic nerve, producing defects in vision
visual impairment in which an object is seen as two objects, double vision
the sensation of dizziness
a small sebaceous cyst of the eyelid resulting when a Meibomian gland is blocked, oil gland blocked
a surgical procedure to treat myopia
outward turning of the rim of the eyelid
abnormal condition in which vision for distant objects is better than for near objects, farsighted
hearing impairment in old age
a person skilled in testing for defects of vision in order to prescribe corrective glasses
surgical removal of part of the iris of the eye

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