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fructose may diminish absorption of this mineralZn and Fe also reduce
deficiency can cause hypogonadism, impair taste, and delay sexual maturationexcess may affect Cu and Fe absorption as well as cause vomiting
true or false. biotin is used in many enzyme catalyzed reactions
heavy metal used as a cofactor for neutrotransmitters and thyroid hormones, also used to produce myelin
excess of this reduces Ca absorption and promotes Ca bone mobilization and renal loss
true or false. iron deficiency during pregnancy can effect the growth of the fetus as well as its cognitive development and acuity later in its life
prevent allergies for milk in high risk individuals by delaying introduction for this many years
bile is conjugated to taurine or this to protect membranes and tissues from its effects
true or false. teenagers often consume high levels of phosphates
phase that directly responds to the initial cytokine secretion in relation to stress
folate levels that are increased by vitamin b12 deficiency
deficiency of this vitamin can lead to ricketsexcess leads to hypercalcemia
abundant in brain and cell membranes especially photoreceptor rodsformed from w-3 fats
deficiency may cause loss of hair color, anemia, infertility and weakned immune systembecomes CoA in the mitochondria
cori cycle delivers what from muscle to the liver
heavy metal used for catecholamine formation
a deficiency of this is signaled by bilateral vision loss
overload of this can cause discolered skin and cirrhosis
true or false. beriberi can cause cyanosis in infants
deficiency can cause spina bifida
megaloblastic anemia (macrocytic anemia) can be caused by a deficiency in folate or
deficiency may lead to visual impairment and change eye morphology
true or false. kwashiorkor is due to low protein and low calorie/energy intake
cysteine and betaine are used to treat this condition
cancer patients should limit their intake of what food group?
infoanswersextra info
true or false. vegans typically get enough protein
vitamin c, selenium, and this will protect against oxygen free radicalswill serve as free radicals themselves if consumed in excess
which of these is an orexigenic hormone: CCK-1, grehlin, ADH
which of these does not fit with regards to insulin: fatty acid synthesis, glycolysis, glucose uptake, gluconeogenesis
type of malnutrition caused by medical staff dur to NPO diets before procedures
high phosphates and oxalate can cause deficiency of this
defiency of this vitamin may cause wernickealso known as vit. b1
3-4x more in the newborn brain/ important for retinal photoreceptors and plays a role in neuromodulation
condition results in toxic metabolites in the brain due to lack of Phe hydroxylaserequires biopterin to function
deficiency in this can lead to scaly skin lesions and poor wound healingalso causes alopecia
true or false. pregnant teenagers should gain a minimum of 20kg during pregnancy.
methylmalonyl CoA mutase requires this as a cofactor
true or false. pregnant women should take dietary supplements of preformed vitamin a and retinol throughout pregnancy
true or false. type I diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes
nutrient used in the rate limiting step of DNA formation
what is the ratio 2 year childrens should have of liquid:solid food in their diet: 50:50, 60:40, 70:30 80:20
in high risk groups for allergies delay introducing eggs for how many years
measures recent protein intake and is decreased in protein-calorie malnutrition
fasting glucose levels greater than or equal to this number indicates diabetes
urination of this amino acid compounds the fifth stage of folate deficiency
second stage of folate deficiency causes decreased
condition where on cannot catabolize branch chain amino acidsthiamin can be used to treat
true or false. glucagon is secreted by pancreatic beta cells
determines if malabsorption is the cause of Vit. B12 deficiency
true or false. catecholamines cause similar biochemical effects as insulin

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