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RAST uses what patient Ab
process of changing expressed Ab
granulocyte that attacks parasitic worms
area in lymph node where somatic mutation of B cells occurs
hemolysis is a positive or negative result of complement fixtion test
B cell matures in the _____ ______
HLA DM allows for activation of which class of MHC
neutralization at mucosal surfaces uses what Ab
binds B7 and sends a positive signal
Mancini test is also known as
60% of the light chain is this isotype
first Ab produced by B cell
paracortical area has mostly
Region of Ab comprised only of constant regions of the heavy chain (below the hinge region)
Ab found in mucous
_____ _______ bind Ab for opsonization
MHC I is created from the _____ ______
test detecting anti-Rh antibodies in mother
neutralization at tissues uses which Ab
strength of Ab reaction w/ single epitope
presence of particulate Ag is determined by
CD40 is on the B or T cell
high levels of mitogen cause a _______ response
Ag from the environment are
constant regions between HVR
binds B7 and sends a negative signal to B cell
TAP is involved in expression of activated MHC I or MHC II
mature B cell contains IgM and which other Ig
shortest serum life amount the IgG family
secondary follicle has a _____ ______

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