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A large, complex organization composed of appointed officials
Officials in a bureaucracy where authority is divided so no one person can make all the decisions.
Expansion of personal rights, defense of rights and claims through lawsuits are of central importance.
Rewarding supporters by appointing them to government jobs.
Created in 1887 to largely regualate the economy through the federal government.
Economic theory that government should not regulate or interfere with commerce.
The extent to which appointed bureaucrats can choose courses of action and make policies that are not splled out in advance by laws.
Government offices to which people are appointed on the grounds of merit (through written exam or certain criteria)
A job to be filled by a person whom a government agency had identified by name.
An agency, congressional committe, or an interest group that often becomes a mutally adventageous alliance.
A network of people in Washington-based interest groups, congressional staffs, in universities and think tanks who regularly discuss and advocare public policies.
Legislative permission to begin or continue a government program or agency.
A legislative grant of money to finance a government program.
Funds from government programs that are collected and spent outside the regular government budget.
Legislative permission to begin or continue a government program or agency.
The ability of congressional committees to review and approve certain agenct decisions in advance and without passing a law.
The rejection of a president or administrative agency action by vote of one or both houses of congress without the consent of the president.
Complex bureaucratic rules and procedures that must be followed to get something done.
Rules that guarantee access to data held by the state.
The permanent professional branches of a government's administration, excluding military and judicial branches and elected politicians

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