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Can you name the most famous actors and actresses to star across from the Duke?

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Before he played the famous Marshall Matt Dillion he had somparts with John Wayne.e small Hondo, The Sea Chase, Island in the Sky, Big Jim McLain
Although he played the villian in El Dorado, he lent his voice to the Disney hit 'Up'El Dorado
She may have married Bogart, but John Wayne fans like her too.Blood Alley, The Shootist
A college teammate and friend of the Duke, had many roles with his friend, but maybe the most memorable was the Reverend Captain Clayton. The Searchers, 18 others
Was the voice of Smaug the dragon in the animated cartoon 'The Hobbit,' but also played the bad guy against John Wayne in Big Jake.Big Jake, The Alamo, The Shootist
This 'Old Rivers' ballador played sidekick to John Wayne in a couple of famous Howard Hawks movies.Rio Bravo, Red River, Dakota, 3 Godfathers
More famous for being a comedian, he was pretty funny shooting a net over a tree full of monkeys.Hatari
Who would guess that this Godfather actor starred in a John Wayne movie in his younger days.El Dorado
He didn't play a 'Rhinestone Cowboy' in the film, but he did carry a big gun.True Grit
Probably one of the most hated John Wayne villians of all time, you would also catch him in a Tom Hanks classic 'The Burbs'The Cowboys
Got her first big break in Rio Bravo, but probably more remember for being #3 on the sexiest TV stars of all-time list.Rio Bravo, I Married a Woman, Cast a Giant Shadow
Nowhere in any of his movies with John Wayne did anybody claim to be 'Spartacus'The War Wagon, In Harm's Way, Cast a Giant Shadow
A career that spans many decades, one of his first roles was the famous Lucky Ned Pepper.True Grit
Much more famous for his roles in 'On Golden Pond' and 'Clementine,' but he had a big role in the first of John Ford's Calvary Trilogy.Fort Apache, In Harm's Way
His real name was actually James Stewart, so of course he had to change it.North to Alaska
This old timer may never have made it to the 'A' list, but he played many roles in the early years of John Wayne.Tall in the Saddle, 16 others
She still holds the record for most Oscar nominations, but didn't receive on for her role opposite John Wayne.Rooster Cogburn
Ronald Reagan's best man, received the same salary as John Wayne for the film.Horse Soldiers
Never was a leading actor, but played many great villians in movies such as Speed and Waterworld.True Grit, Sons of Katie Elder
Starring in John Wayne's final film, this youngster has many big roles on his resume and also some big directing credits.The Shootist
Most famous for his performance in 'Giant,' also play a confederate general in 'The Undefeated'The Undefeated
Just an old fashinioned cowboy, John Ford found him and cast him as Travis in three straight calvary films.Chisum, Rio Grande, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, The Undefeated, The Train Robbers, 3 Godfathers
This Italian bombshell has done it all in her vast movie career, including a part as John Wayne's love interest in the Sahara Desert.Legend of the Lost
Elvis was an admirerer, and probably everyone who ever saw this beautiful red-head.The Train Robbers
This member of the original 'Rat Pack' worked well as John Wayne's sidekick.Rio Bravo, Sons of Katie Elder
Always an interesting character, he needed his 'Dirty Dozen' if he was to ever have a chance against the Duke.The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Donovan's Reef, The Comancheros
This big man took some big hits and gave out some too, for what is possibly the best fist fight in movie history.The Quiet Man, Rio Grande, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Fort Apache
Was one creepy dude in the original 'Cape Fear,' but was also good as a drunken sheriff.El Dorado
A pop singer in a John Wayne movie? Well, it worked.Rio Bravo
They were always married, but never seemed to get along very well. This actress will always be remembered as Mrs. John Wayne.The Quiet Man, Rio Grande, McLintock, Big Jake, The Wings of Eagles
Before he was a famous singing cowboy, he had a small part in an early John Wayne film.Dark Command
The townfolk in 'Blazing Saddles' sing his name in chorus, which is much more famous than the movie he played in with John Wayne.The Spoilers
One of the greatest actors in movie history, he didn't actually shoot Liberty Valance.The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Shootist
No animal crackers in this movie, she had grown up by then.Fort Apache
Before her tragic drowning, she had a big part in John Wayne's biggest movie.The Searchers

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