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What Biblical prophet was given the 10 Commandments and parted the Red Sea?
Which of the noble gases is the lightest and is used to fill kids' balloons?
In the game of Risk, which continent's control gives you the most bonus armies?
What animated series of movies has subtitles such as 'The Meltdown' and 'Continental Drift'?
What country has been led by Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi?
What is the capital of Portugal?
What is the term for a baby kangaroo?
What is the more common name for the mandible bone?
What HBO TV show has characters named Arya, Tyrion, Jorah, and Theon?
What Chicago-based baseball team had the longest World Series losing streak which ended at 108 years in 2016?
What is the mathematical term for the longest side of a right triangle?
What plant with spiny-edge evergreen leaves and red berries is a symbol of Christmas?
Name of either of the first two augmented reality phone games created by Niantic.
What is the standard unit of mass in the SI or metric system?
What constellation, containing Rigel and Betelgeuse, is named for a famed mythic Greek hunter?
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What Shakespearean play, which served as the basis of '10 Things I Hate About You', features Petrucchio and Katherina?
What unit of currency used to be used in France but is still used in Switzerland?
What Hall of Fame Canadian rock trio is known for 'Tom Sawyer' and 'Limelight'?
What article of clothing is 'chaussure' in French, 'zapato' in Spanish, and 'Schuh' in German?
What is the name of the white whale who plagues Captain Ahab in literature?
What comic strip follows a family with children Jason, Paige, and Peter and an iguana named Quincy?
What country of the United Kingdom would you find Swansea City playing home games in?
What is the last name shared by the only two US Presidents who were grandfather and grandson?
What DC comics hero is the alter ego of Bruce Wayne?
What German composer is best known for his Ring Cycle of 4 operas?
What US state does Disney title character Lilo hail from?
What is added to orange juice to make a mimosa?
What tasty representation is the number 2000 in Roman numerals?
What city or country was set to host the 2020 Olympics postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic?
What does the T stand for in the NAFTA accord between Mexico, the US, and Canada?

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