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QUIZ: Can you name the shows or movies Megan Fox has acted in?

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Ione StarrHer only starring role on a TV series
ShannonGuest appearance, the girl who 'soiled' Henry
Carla SantiniRival to the movie's main character, who is portrayed by Lindsay Lohan
PrudenceGuest appearance, played the maids troubles granddaughter
Cassandra RidgewayPlayed a spoiled daughter on this short lived WB program
Sydney ShanowskiThe daughter of the main character, took role over from Nicole Paggi
Mikaela BanesCrush and co-star to the 2007 blockbusters main character
Sophie MaesPortrays a starlet, and the object of the main characters lust
Mikaela BanesSequel to the 2007 blockbuster, now the main characters girlfriend
Jennifer CheckStars as a possessed teenage serial killer

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