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Maybe you've heard about me, all in the news today. I'm kind of legendary in the most destructive way.
You're a damsel in delight, a mighty pretty sight. But girl you know tonight, I'm gonna treat you right.
I'm up at six, like the morning glory, bakes breakfast out my inventory. Get to the point, won't bore you with the story. (Surprise) It's ____!
She says that all I need is a friend. She said to never falter again. She said to rain down fire and then. She said this happens now and again.
I'm being totally for real, I'm making my appeal, I'm waiting for the cycle to break down. You know that every single day, I wake up on my way, to destiny and reckoning a break.
You know I'm so damn bad, I've got a darkness deep in between.
Claws up, knees bent, tail straight, bill spent, eyes wide, shell on lock, that's the way we rock!
Creepin' with that lyrical sniper rifle. Gave your Momma the English trifle.
But I gotta say (Damn I'm sorry), Gotta be this way (To my army).
We're sick of hearing it, your heroes are degenerates. There's not a good one in the bunch!

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