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Can you name the United States senators that had significant impacts on American history and politics?

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Famous for nullification debate with Sen. Robert Hayne1827-1841; 1845-1850
Known as the 'Great Compromiser' and 'Judas of the West'1831-1842; 1849-1852
Champion of states rights; started South Carolina's Nullifier Party1832-1843; 1845-1850
Leader of the Compromise of 1850 and Kansas-Nebraska Act1847-1861
Was one impeachment vote away from becoming president1851-1869
Was famously attacked with a cane in the Senate chamber1851-1874
First and only former president to serve as a senator1857-1862; 1875
Leader of the Republican 'Stalwart' faction in the late 1800's1867-1881
First African American to serve as a US senator1870-1871
Leader of the Republican 'Half Breed' faction of the late 1800s1876-1881
Led opposition for US membership in the League of Nations1893-1924
Leader of Progressive movement in Senate in early 1900s1906-1925
Famous for labor standards laws; one act is known by his name1927-1949
First ever women to be elected US senator1931-1945
Radical leftist who championed 'Every Man a King' ideals1932-1935
Famous for starting famous communist witch hunt of the 1950s1947-1957
Famous civil rights opponent and face of the Dixiecrat party1954-1956; 1956-2003
Longest serving US senator in history1959-2010
First and only female African American to serve as senator1993-1999
First and only former First Lady to serve as senator2001-2009

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