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Forced Order
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Original: I love fruit. Refined: I love apples, bananas, oranges, plums, pears, peaches, and watermelon.
It should not look like this: A is true because of B, C and D.
Examples: hasty generalization, slippery slope, false dilemms
Subject, Audience, Speaker
'The right way to use grammar'. The generally accepeted approach that is considered correct.
Interrumpting the flow in order to emphasize something
word diarrhea
All lang teachers are good writers. Ms. Percopo is a lang teacher. Ms. Percopo is a good writer.
Repeating a key word multiple times in different places
Because _________, therefore ____________, since _____________
Ethics appeal
the author's style, the quality that makes his or her writing unique, and which conveys the author's attitude, personality, and character
a literary technique that is a part of composition, which encompasses the attitudes toward the subject and toward the audience implied in a literary work.
Playful, generally unaccepted use of grammar. The 'incorrect' way to write or speak.
The way you string your sentances together
Product A is better than Product B and costs less than Product B. Therefore, you should buy Product A.
I love walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, chicken parmesan, bubble baths, where's waldo, backyard baseball.
Movies are a great part of culture. Movies connect to all different types of people. Movies teach people about themselves. Movies are my life.
I love the smell of roses and mittens and sushi and licking envelopes and hershey kisses.
parallel strucutre that gives balance and equality with corrdinating conjunctions.
A little boy crying and begging for $1 because he's hungry is an example of ____________
How did he get to school? He has a car. He has a driver's license. His car is not at his house. Conclusion: He drove to school.
I couldn't wait for the Mets game. I'm their biggest fan. Their best pitcher was pitching. I've never seen a ballpark before. My heart was pounding. I felt this was going to be an
study of words and roots and their origins
The author of In the Shadows of No Towers

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