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Can you name the Civ 4 Wonders?

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World Wonder
+1 hammer from Priest in all cities 
Allows religious elections 
Provides Hit Musicals  
+25% defense in all your cities  
No anarchy when changing civics and religion  
Provides Hit Movies  
Enables all Religion civics 
Provides Hit Singles 
+1 happiness in all cities on this continent 
Free Monument in every city 
+1 commerce for water tiles in all cities 
Free Broadcast Tower in every city 
+2 Free Scientists 
+2 trade routes in all coastal cities 
Prevents barbarians from entering borders 
Workers build improvements 50% faster 
+1 health in all cities 
World Wonders
-33% hurry production cost  
Increases length of Golden Ages by 50% 
1 free technology 
+50% Great People birth rate in all cities 
New units receive +2 experience points in all cities 
Enables all government civics 
+5 culture from all State Religion buildings 
+50% spaceship production in all cities 
+1 gold from all state religion buildings 
+1 free specialist in all cities on this continent 
Enemies suffer +100% war weariness 
Starts a Golden Age 
Provides power for all cities on this continent 
+100% yield for trade routes 
Guarantees eligibility for diplomatic votes 
+2 beakers from all State Religion buildings 
Reduces maintenance in nearby cities 
Required to build spaceship parts 
Grants all technologies held by at least 2 known civilizations 
Enables nukes & bomb shelters for all players 
75% chance of intercepting nukes 
National Wonder
Reduces maintenance in nearby cities  
No anger from this city 
+100% culture in this city 
+100% military unit production in this city 
+50% hammers with Coal 
+1 hammer on water tiles in this city 
-25% War anger in all cities 
+100% Great People birth rate in this city 
No unhealthiness in this city from population 
+100% research in this city 
Makes this city the capital 
Free Medic I promotion for units built in this city  
+100% gold in this city  
New units receive +4 experience points 

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