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Can you name the Civilization 4 Technologies?

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Can build Mines 
Enables Scout and can build camps 
Enables Horse Archer and Stable 
Enables Fishing Boats 
Enables the Parthenon 
Can build pastures 
Enables Swordsman 
Enables Archers 
Can build Quarry 
Enables Aqueducts 
Enables Tech trading and Spies 
Enables Explorer 
First to discover founds Buddhism 
Can build Workshops 
Enables Hereditary Rule 
First to discover founds Judaism 
Enables monuments 
Enables Axemen and reveals copper 
Can build farms 
First to discover founds Hinduism 
Can build Cottages 
Can build Temples 
Enables Lighthouse 
Can build roads 
Enables Open Borders and Libraries 
First to discover founds Christianity 
Enables Bridge building 
Villages & towns produce +1 commerce 
First to discover founds Islam 
Enables map trading  
First to discover founds Taoism 
Enables Nationhood civic 
Enables Caravel and +1 sight across water 
First to discover receives a Great Artist 
Enables Great Library 
Can build windmill & watermill 
Enables Theater 
Enables Universities 
+1 road movement and enables Pikeman 
Enables Vassalage civic 
Enables Bureaucracy 
Enables Gold trading and Markets 
Enables Mausoleum of Maussollos  
First to discover founds Confucianism 
Enables Knights and 
Enables Banks 
Enables Intelligence Agencies 
Reveals Oil and build forest preservations 
Enables Cannons 
Enables Representation 
Can build lumbermills 
Enables Riflemen 
Can build National Park 
Can build Railroads 
Enables Airship 
Workshops +1 production  
Statue of Liberty 
Enables defensive pacts 
Enables Transport and Oil Wells 
Enables Military Academy 
Enables Corporations 
Enables Hospitals 
Enables Factories 
Enables Free Speech and Free Religion 
Enables Musketman 
Enables Custom Houses 
Windmills: +1 commerce 
Enables Police State civic 
Enables Ironclads and reveals coal 
Enables Airports 
Enables trade on ocean and Galleons 
Enables Artillery 
Enables Laboratories 
Reveals World Map 
Enables Space Elevator 
Enables Supermarkets 
Enables Submarine and Rock and Roll 
Enables Hydro Plant 
Enables SDI 
Enables Broadcast Towers 
Enables SAM Infantry 
Enables SS Casing and Modern Armor 
Enables the Internet 
Enables Industrial Park 
Enables SS Stasis Chamber 
+1 health & +1 happy face in all cities 
Enables SS Engine 
Enables Tactical Nuke and ICBM 
Enables SS Cockpit 
Enables Recycling Centers 
Stealth Bomber 
Enables Gunships 

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