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Can you reorganize each hall of famer's scrambled name?

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Forced Order
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Elm Tot
Wrealt Shoojnn
Ytno Zazrile
Shirtyc Thamswone
Ooetrrb Eeclemnt
Cradeoim Nwbor
Dawe Sgbgo
Neard Swanod
Senndi Eyecrelsk
Gegeir Knocsaj
Reeogg Etrtbt
Diede Cloilsn
Acejik Bornoins
Iceykr Shreedonn
Erd Tscsnhoeiedn
Ewiill Yams
Egrg Auxdmd
Ralyr Body
Etbr Lleeybvn
Crube Trutse
Mijmie Xoxf
Ahicelr Hrrgegein
Earnrw Shanp
Ikem Tidschm
Edt Asmwlili
Snayd Axkufo
Traibb Maellvainr
Evad Dieflinw
Clra Aizytkremss
Ribky Teptuck

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