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How well do you know Chris?

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Which celebrity does he look like?
What part of a woman does he find most attractive?
What is the sexiest part of Chris?
Which football team does he support?
How attracted to Chris are you out of 10?
What does Chris like to do with Arctic Monkeys tickets?
What branch of mathematics did Chris create?
What is Chris' favourite beer?
What sh*t band does Chris love?
Which criminal offense has Chris been associated with?
Who is Chris' celebrity love?
Who is Chris' best friend?
What does Chris do a lot?
How long has it been since Chris went to the toilet?
What is Chris' nemesis?
What is Chris' favourite curry and drink combination?
What is Chris' catchphrase?
What retro clothing does Chris wear?
What type of machinery does Chris find hard to work?
Who is Chris' man crush?

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