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DefinitionVocab WordExample
Aspect of a testing condition that can change or take on differenct characteristics with different conditions
The condition manipulated or selected by the experimenter to determine its effect on behavior
A measure of the subject's behavior that reflects the independent variable's effects
The number of times that a behavior is performed
The number of times that a behavior is performed relative to time
The amount of time that a behavior lasts
The amount of time between an instruction and when the behavior is actually performed
The shape or style of the behavior
The intensity or strength of a behavior
Where the behavior occurs in the environment
The different values of an independent varibale
A variable for which its role in the cause and effect of an observed relationship is not clear
A difference between subject that cannot be controlled but can only be selected
One whose effect cannot be separated from the supposed independent variable
One that varies in amount
One that varies in kind
One that falls along a continuum and is not limited to a certain number of values
One that falls into separate bins with no intermediate values possible
The point indicated by a number
The interval defined by the number plus or minus half the distance to the next number
The process of assigning numbers to events or objects according to rules
A measure that simply divides objects or events into categories according to their similarities or differencesEx: Types of defense mechanisms
A measure that both assigns objects or events a name and arranges them in order of their magnitudeEx: Preferences
A measure in which the differences between numbers are meaningful; includes both nominal and ordinal informationEx: IQ
DefinitionVocab WordExample
A measure having a meaningful zero point as well as all of the nominal, ordinal, and interval propertiesEx: Steven's law of sensation magnitude
The property of consistency of a measurement that gives the same result on different occasions
The property of a measurement that tests what it is supposed to test
Variability in the dependent variable that is not associated with the independent variable
A test that the measurements actually measure the constructs they are designed to measure, but no others
Idea that a test should appear superficially to test what it is supposed to test
Idea that a test should sample the range of behavior represented by the theoretical concept being tested
Idea that a test should correlate with oher measures of the same theoretical construct
Measurement error that is associated with consistent bias
The degree to which the same test score would be obtained on another occasion
The degree to which the various items on a test are measures of the same things
Display of data in a matrix format
A representation of data by spatial relationships in a diagram
A graph that shows the number of scores that fall into specific bins, or divisions of the variable
A frequency distribution in which the frequencies are represented by contiguous bars
A frequency distribution in which the frequencies are connected by straight lines
A bell-shaped curve described by a certain mathematical function
A distribution that is not symmetrical
A frequency distribution that shows the number f scores that fall at or below a certain score
A graph showing the responses of a number of individuals on two variables; visual display of correlational data
A division of the subjects ina study into two groups of equal size on the basis of one of the variable
A graphical representation using lines to show relationships between quantitative variables
Graphical representation of categorical data in which the heightts of separated bars, or columns, show the relationships between variables
A graph in which the x-axis represents time
DefinitionVocab WordExample
In a graph, vertical lines that indicate plus or minus one standard deviation of the data or , less frequently, the standard error of the mean
A type of graph based on median and percentiles rather than mean and standard deviation
The process of transcribing data from individual data sheets to a summary form
A record that specifies the variables of a study, the columns they occupy in the data file, and their possible values
Data points that fall outside the defined range for that variable of data
Empty cells in a data matrix
Data points that are highly imporbable, although not impossible
A symbol that is entered in a cell that has no data
A way of obtaining knowledge by means of objective observations
The philosophy that objects perceived have n existence outside the mind
A view that reasoning is the basis for solving problems
A belief that phenomena exist in recurring patterns that conform with universal laws
The belief that it is possible to learn solutions to questions posed
The doctrine that all events happen because of preceding causes
A statement that cetain events are regularly associated with each other in an orderly way
A statement or set of statements explaining one or more laws, usually including one indirect concept needed to explain the relationship
The property of a good theory that it is capable of disproof
A statement assumed to be true for the purpose of testing its validity
A view that scientific concepts must be defined in terms of observable operations
A statement of the precise meaning of a procedure or concept within an experiment
Using different operational definitions to arrive at the meaning of a concept
A set of laws, theories, methods, and applications that form a scientific research tradition

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