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Can you name all of the bosses in Kirby Planet Robobot?

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Data was collected from traces of a giant flower the invaders stumbled upon. Cloning it produced the insect queen. Its data contains elements of creatures w/ an 1,000 year lifespan
Better fuel efficiency and fewer emissions demonstrate the company's new environmentally friendly initiative.
Creating this dark swordsman pushed Star Dream to the limits of its abilities. The cloning process was a success, but only a partial data analysis was possible.
Whispy Woods has been mechanized and modified to freely move around using drills as legs. It's also been outfitted with a giant powerful screw.
After being turned into scrap metal, Mecha Knight has received a major upgrade. Is there any way to restore him to his former glory?
Executive assisstant to the president of the Haltmann Works Company. While her job title is 'secretary,' she is the stakeholder of the ongoing invasion project.
'Why did I reactivate such a terrible machine? Oh I remember--I wanted to see her one last time. How foolish!I should have known that no machine could make a dream come true!'
- The Noble Haltmann - Noble Haltmann, we adore him Kingly lord of time and space! Every day we wish him glory, Gazing on his noble face!
This ancient swordsman is feared for his immense power. He is not a clone. He was awakened and brought here via an extra dimensional road beyond the space-time continuum.
Ever since losing his only child in an accident long ago, he's dedicated his life to the company. However, his only
This mass-production model is based on an upgraded Mecha Knight model. If this model goes into commercial production, the company's military power will dramatically increase.
Redesigned by the Mother Computer, this defense system is based on a blueprint found on another planet.
Fusing together with Haltmann, the most advanced computer in the galaxy has become self-aware.
As a child, ___ was involved in an accident during a Mother Computer experiment and went missing. Why has she joined the company all this time?
The holographic security system that defends this area from intruders. It analyzes past battle data and produces one holographic security guard after another.
It has the look and voice, but not his soul. Some thins can't be cloned, for example some were interested in food and others were fearful of a certain insect.
Susie somehow managed to acquire DNA from the King, one of the strongest life-forms on the planet! In order to create it, it has the voice and look of the original.
A geared-up base made of gigantic cogs defends this route. Batteries turn along with the gear movement to aim at targets. Unless this base is destroyed there is no way forward.
The sword fight from Popstar who single-handedly took on the army of Haltmann Works Co. He was turned into a cyborg soldier who's been programmed to attack Kirby.

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