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2008 Sarah Jessica Parker movie based on popular HBO seriesBilly Crystal drives cattle in this 1991 film
Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon take a trip to the moon!Man leaves wills his house, fortune, and ghosts to his family
Second movie in the trilogy starring Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Julia RobertsBruce Willis searches for answers after the human population is dessimated
A boy sees dead peopleMovie adaptation of novel by Jane Austen, starring Kate Winslet
The hills are alive with the Julie Andrews in this filmA romance sparks between a washed up singer and a lady with a flair for words in this 2007 romantic comedy
A group of men form a fraternity so they can live on campusJack Black teaches music at a prep school
McConaughey defends a black man in court during the 60sUma Thurman fights lots of people in this Quentin Tarantino flick
Juliette Lewis finds romance with another man who shares her disabilityFour girls share a pare of jeans during their first summer apart
Drew Barrymore has a son at 15 and struggles in her relationship with his father in this 2001 film.Hilary Swank showed her more masculine side when she played a transgendered teen in this 1999 film.
Dustin Hoffman won an Oscar for his role in this 1988 movieA body guard keeps his promise to his clients as he searches for their kidnapped daughter Lupita
This sequel to the 1987 dance flick came out in 2004 and starred Diego LunaSparks fly between Richard Gere and an unhappy woman at a North Carolina Inn in this 2008 picture
Todd Solondz movie about Dawn Wiener's quest to be liked2003 film about an evicted woman who can't get along with her home's new owners
Drugs, sex, and money: Jared Leto becomes an amputee.Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar for her role in this 2006 film
Animated film about a bug named FlikKevin Kline tames his rebellious son by having him help with construction on a new abode

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