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Can you name these 50 Touhou Characters based on their Boss Subtitles?

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Boss SubtitleCharacterGame of Origin
Shrine Maiden of Paradise
Goddess of Hell
Hell's Traffic Accident
Highest Judge of the Court of Paradise
Hell Fairy
Youkai of Boundaries
Silent Moonlight
Beautiful Scarlet Cloth
Traditional Fantasy Reporter
Youkai of Darkness
The Ghost Left from the Shipwreck
The Poltergeist Keyboardist
Shoutoku Taoist
Nagashibina of the Hidden God
Bamboo Grove's Loup-Garou
Lunatic Moon Rabbit
The Black Cat of Evil Omens
Pouring Starlight
The Jealousy Beneath the Earth's Crust
The Sister of the Devil
Little Sweet Poison
Super Youkai Warhead
Sutra-Reciting Mountain Spirit
The Epitome of Native Gods
The Rumored Unnatural Phenomenon
Boss SubtitleCharacterGame of Origin
Brain of the Moon
Symbol of Loneliness and Death
The Bright Net in the Dark Cavern
The Little Dowser General
The Wicked Hermit Who Passes Through Walls
Orange Eagle Ravi
Descendant of the Inchlings
Counterattacking Amanojaku
The Mountain's Telegnosis
White Rabbit of Good Fortune
Prank-Loving Sunlight
The Closed Eyes of Love
Seven-Colored Puppeteer
The Great Sealed Magician
The Half-Ghost Gardener
Strange Rokurokubi
Ordinary Magician
Ice Fairy of the Lake
Hourai Incarnate
Half-Beast of Knowledge and History
Modern Day Spirit Photographer
The Expressive Poker Face
The Unmoving Great Library
Fresh Water Mermaid
The Insect of Light Crawling in the Dark

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