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Can you name the House of Anubis characters?

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american, leader of sibuna
on and off with Eddie, sibuna member
patricias sister
suposivly the Choson One, Loves Fabian
school prankster
creater of excibit
after the Mask of Anubis. partner is Vera
moves to Austraila
Smart, almost gets expelled
Jeromes sister
creepy House owner
old House mother
black robe, mask and deep voice
a little dumb,
secritive new house mother
Sibuna member, goof ball
knew american student, the Osirian
evil spirit
old french teacher, saves Mara from getting expelled
drama teacher
geek, always at the library, in SIBUNA
New french teacher, Last is related to Valentines Day
Gave the exibit
jeromes dad
old women. gives clues through dollhouse
Ninas only relative

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