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Can you name the Operating Systems?

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Communicates between the hard drive and computer
What does CE stand for?
Advancement of Windows 98
Can only recognize 4 gigs
What does SE stand for?
What does NTFS stand for?
What does FAT stand for?
FAT does not recognize anything on the hard drive over ____mb
Created OS(x).
Created Windows.
When was the first version of Windows released?
What does the NT in Windows NT stand for?
What is the maximum amount of RAM recognized by 64-bit systems?
This version of Windows sold 1,000,000 in 4 days.
What is a ISO?
What device does Windows CE run on?
A virus could is a reason to ______ an OS.
What was Windows Vista originally called?
What did Windows NT begin as?
Should you register your version of Windows?
What two numbers make up binary code?
Newest OS from Microsoft.
Newest OS from Apple.
What was Apples first OS with a GUI?
The Pro in Windows XP Pro stands for what?

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