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Can you name the key terms from our study of between the World Wars?

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Forced Order
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This is the word for royal leaders of Russia
This is the name for the last royal leader of Russia
The last royal leader of Russia was part of the _________________ Dynasty
Russia found itself very unprepared for this major event, which led to many deaths and anger at home
This group rose up and led the revolution against Russian royalty
The revolutionary group that took charge of Russia believed in
The revolutionary group that took charge of Russia was led by
After the revolution, Russia became known as
Russia's new leader created the ______ _________ _________, which allowed workers and farmers to sell their surplus to make a profit
After Lenin died, he was succeeded by
Stalin's government worked to control the public and private lives of its people. This type of system is known as
Stalin used ____________ very effectively to control how he was viewed by his people
Stalin ordered the private farms of the Soviet Union to be combined into large public farms in a process known as
Stalin made industrialization a priority of the Soviet Union through his
Stalin forced famine on the people of the Ukraine. The event was known as
Many Communist party officials and generals were killed in Stalin's
This man was the leader who led the modernization and industrialization of Turkey
This man led the resistance to British imperialism in India
Nationalists of India practiced this form of protest to attempt to remove the British
One famous event that characterized the Indian independence movement was when people marched to the Indian Ocean to make salt. This was called

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