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Can you name the key terms from the post-imperialism era?

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The process of splitting up India after independence in 1947 is known as
The Muslim country formed from the splitting of India is known as
India and its Muslim rival continue to fight over this region today
The eastern part of this Muslim country declared independence in 1971 and today is known as
This 1917 document by a British Parliament member called for the formation of a Jewish homeland
This was the name for the movement that began in the 1800's that called for Jewish people to return to their homeland
In 1948, Israel was created through a mandate by this international group
This city, located in Israel, is the cause of much of the tension in the Middle East because it is considered a very holy place to three different religions
Today, conflicts continue to exist between the Israeli people and the group of Muslim inhabitants of Israel. This Muslim group is known as the
This is the name for the group of oil-producing countries who work together to control the production of oil and set high prices
A society centered around an extremely strict form of Islam. It usually includes denial of human rights, suppression of education, and mistreatment of women.
This leader of Iran angered people with his pro-Western ways, helping lead to the Iranian Revolution in 1978
This man became a leader of Iran in 1978 by promoting an extremely strict form of Islamic government
This man became the dictator of Iraq in 1979 and ruled until the 2nd Gulf War in 2003
This group in Iraq was targeted with chemical weapons during the Iraq-Iran War
Under the leadership of Kwame Nkrumah, this country became the first African country to declare independence from European imperialism in 1957
Kwame Nkrumah encouraged all African people to unite in a movement known as the
This country, until the leadership of Jomo Kenyatta and the armed resistance of the Mau Mau, declared independence from the British in 1963
South Africa was an extremely racially divided country until the 1990's. This racial division is better known as
The first president of South Africa after the end of its racial division was
This Christian bishop helped organize non-violent protests to help end racial segregation in South Africa. He received a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts
This country was the site of a conflict between Hutus and Tutsis that turned into a genocide in 1994
Darfur, a region in this African country, is the site of ethnic violence that some are labeling a genocide today
In 1959, Cuba had a revolution and was taken over by this Communist leader
The United States declared a ban on trade with Cuba after their Communist revolution. This ban on trade is better known as an
The Sandinistas were Communist rebels who took over this Central American country in 1979
After years of being ruled by military dictators, South American countries have recently started embracing this type of government

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