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Can you name the key vocabulary words from the Industrial Revolution?

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Huge increase in farm production seen around 1800
Important farming invention created by Jethro Tull
The switch from making goods by hand to machine production
The resources (land, labor, and capital) that are needed to produce goods
Two natural resources needed for the Industrial Revolution - England had lots of both
Mass movement of people to cities
Name for the cramped apartment buildings seen throughout England's cities
England built thousands of miles of these throughout the country to support the Industrial Revolution
Commission by British Parliament that reported on abuses of child labor
Groups of workers who join together to negotiate for better working conditions
An economy without interference from the government
Economist who wrote The Wealth of Nations
Economic system where the factors of production are owned by private citizens
Economic system where the factors of production are owned by the public
Economic system called for by Marx that has public ownership of the factors of production and goods being equally shared
Important pamphlet written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
Word used by Marx and Engels to describe the middle class factory owners in the Industrial Revolution
Word used by Marx and Engels to describe the working class during the Industrial Revolution
Author who wrote about living conditions in the cities of England during the Industrial Revolution in books like Hard Times and Oliver Twist
When a group of workers refuses to work until working conditions improve

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