Global II Imperialism Review

Can you name the key words from our unit on imperialism?

Forced Order Answers have to be entered in order
One country's attempt to dominate the cultural, political, and economic lives of its colonies
The belief that one's culture is superior to others
Belief by Europeans that the white race was superior to all others and needed to push their culture on the rest of the world
This motivation for imperialism involved money
This motivation for imperialism involved expanding one's country
This motivation for imperialism involved bringing civilization to other parts of the world
This British man encouraged Great Britain to expand 'from Cape Town to Cairo'
In this meeting, European leaders met, drew borders for Africa, and claimed colonies with no African leaders present
Native group of South Africa that went to war with Britain
Name for Dutch settlers in South Africa that went to war with Britain
Type of imperialism where European countries only wanted to control trade (seen in China)
Name of the company that led imperialism in India
Nickname given to India when it was a British colony
Name for the Indian soldiers who rebelled against Britain
Title for the time period when British government directly ruled India
Strategy used to get people in colonies to fight each other, rather than imperialists
Name of the famous poem related to imperialism by Rudyard Kipling
Name of the drug that the British traded in China
Policy declared by the United States regarding imperialism in China
Rebellion in China in 1900 against foreign influence
Japan was a series of islands known as...
Japan was ruled by a military dictator known as
Name of the process through which Japan modernized
Main crop of Ireland
Massive crop failure in Ireland led to
Type of colony where a country guarantees military protection in exchange for loyalty
Important waterway built during the era of imperialism
The Congo was ruled brutally by this European country
This was found in South Africa, which led to more countries wanting control of it
'The _______ never sets on the British Empire'

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