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Can you name the key terms from the French Revolution and Nationalism unit??

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Forced Order
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Which estate represented the clergy in France?
Which estate represented the rich nobles in France?
Which estate represented the peasants in France?
These three estates formed the social and political system in France known as the _________
Ideas from this time period encouraged French peasants to call for equal rights
The King of France during the French Revolution
The wife of France's king; she was nicknamed Madame Deficit for her over-the-top spending habits
The French royal palace that was a symbol of absolute power
The assembly of representatives from all three estates; it hadn't come together in 175 years until the King called it together in 1789
Prices of this cost a month's pay because of crop shortages
The Third Estate established this lawmaking group with the Tennis Court Oath
This castle was stormed for gunpowder on July 14, 1789
French document that declared 'men are born and remain free and equal in rights'
Machine created to make executions more humane
Man who led the Committee for Public Safety and ordered thousands of executions
Time period following French Revolution characterized by thousands of executions and restrictions on free speech
Time period following French Revolution characterized by thousands of executions and restrictions on free speech
A sudden seizure of power in a country
Set of laws created by Napoleon; it restricted the rights of women and freedom of the press
Place where Napoleon lost his final battle
Plan used by Russia to stop Napoleon's invasion. It involved burning fields and towns to prevent French army from living off the land
Being forced to leave one's country and unable to return
Name of the meeting between European leaders following Napoleon's defeat
A political system where no country is powerful enough to pose a threat to others
Austrian leader of post-Napoleon meeting of European leaders
The belief that people should be loyal to their nation
Leader of revolutions in the northern part of South America
Leader of revolutions in the southern part of South America
Leader of the revolution that freed Haiti from France's control
The 'brains' of Italian unification
The 'sword' of Italian unifcation
Italian state that was the center of Italy's unification
Leader of German unification
Type of politics practiced by German leader; involved saying or doing whatever was necessary to achieve one's goals
'The great problems of the day will be decided by ___________ and ____________'
German state that was the center of German unification

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