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Can you name the key terms from our study of world religions?

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Vocab word used to describe religions that believe in many gods
Vocab word used to describe religions that believe in one god
The main religion of India, and one of the oldest living religions today
Social class system associated with the main religion of India
The highest social class in this religion is known as the
A person's good or bad deeds that they take into the next life with them
Rebirth of the soul after the body dies
Religion/ethical system that split off of Hinduism. The primary focus of this religion is ending suffering in the world
All suffering is caused by ___________, according to this religion
If one lets go of worldly desires, they reach a state of enlightenment known as ______________
Buddha described the way to enlightenment through eight steps. This was known as the ____________ _________
The world's oldest living monotheistic religion is ________________. Its followers believe that they are the chosen people of God
The sacred book of the oldest living monotheistic religion is
This monotheistic religion split off from Judaism around 30 A.D.
The holy book of this religion is known as the
Both Judaism and Christianity follow this basic set of rules given by Moses
A fast-growing monotheistic religion, this religion was founded in 620 A.D. and worships Allah
Muslims believe that this is their holiest city
The main beliefs of Islam are known as
The Muslim holy book is known as the
Muslims are expected to make a pilgrimage to their holiest city at least once in their life. This pilgrimage is known as the
This native religion of Japan worships kami, divine spirits found in nature
This religion still seen today among many traditional African communities believes that everything has a spirit
The Chinese philosophy that believes that social order and good government are founded on strong family relationships is known as
The respect for elders preached by this philosophy is also known as
Because this religion values education, many governments in Chinese history had __________ ____________ ___________. In order to have a government job, citizens had to first pass t
This Chinese philosophy believes that their is a force that guides all things. Its followers work to become one with nature.
This Chinese philosophy believed that a strong government and harsh punishments were necessary to keep order.
A motto of this Chinese philosophy was 'Strengthen the tree, weaken the ____________'
Many of these religions spread to other parts of the world through

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