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Can you name the key terms from our study of prehistoric peoples and ancient river valley civilizations?

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Early human beings followed their food from place to place rather than having a permanent home. These type of people are better known as
The earliest hominid skeleton discovered was found in Ethiopia and is known as
The change from a hunting and gathering society to a group that could grow their own food and domesticate animals is known as the
What type of geographic feature were most early civilizations found on?
This area, also known as 'The land between two rivers,' 'The Fertile Crescent,' or 'The Cradle of Civilization,' is considered the first place where humans built a civilization. It
The first civilization in the Fertile Crescent was known as
The form of writing system found in this civilization that was made up of wedge shapes drawn on clay tablets is known as
People in early civilizations that specialized in writing were known as
Step-shaped temples in the center of cities in this civilization were called
This civilization was divided into independent cities that had their own government. These type of cities are called
Babylon, a later empire, will be famous for having a leader who creates the first written set of laws. These laws were called the
In Egypt, early civilization was centered around this river
Each year, the Nile flooded, depositing sediment known as
Egyptians built these massive tombs to honor their dead kings
Egyptian kings were considered gods on Earth and were called
The writing system found in Egypt was known as
The discovery that helped unlock the mystery of Egyptian writing is known as
Egyptians developed a type of paper made from reeds called
In India, Mohenjo Daro and Harappa were two cities that popped up on this river
The seasonal winds that bring wet and dry seasons to India are called
In China, early rulers claimed that they were given the right to rule by the gods. This was known as the ______________ ____ ____________

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